• XPJ170 Power Plant Seawater Defoamer

    XPJ170 Power Plant Seawater Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ170 power plant seawater defoamer is specially designed for defoaming and antifoaming of DC seawater cooling system. When seawater cooling systems use oxidizing biocides to eliminate the effects of marine fouling, a large number of marine organisms were killed, and their organic debris produced a large amount of foam in the larger parts of the seawater stirring. These foams are extremely stable in the normal state, affecting the velocity of flow and forming polluti...
  • XPJ160 Silicone Defoamer for water treatment

    XPJ160 Silicone Defoamer for water treatment

    Product Description XPJ160 is specifically designed for defoaming requirements in the water treatment industry, The product is easy to disperse bleachless oil, fast defoaming speed, long-lasting, and will not cause secondary pollution of water. It is applied to many water-based foaming systems such as circulating water treatment, middle water of papermaking, pHarmaceutical sewage, leather sewage, power plant sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, seawater desalination sewage, municipal sewa...
  • XPJ880 Evaporative crystallization Defoamer

    XPJ880 Evaporative crystallization Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ880 is a high temperature resistant defoamer made by high-grade fatty alcohol, amide, polyether and other materials through special process. It has the advantages of stable defoaming and persistent foam suppression under strong alkali and high temperature. For example, in the coal chemical evaporation crystallizer, a large amount of foam is frequently generated. After the foam is generated in the crystallizer, the amount of water treated by the crystallizer is red...
  • XPJ960 Polyether Sewage Defoamer

    XPJ960 Polyether Sewage Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ960 is a highly effective non-silicon defoamer,which is designed for the foaming characteristics of sewage treatment industry and refined by various defoaming active substances through special processes. XPJ960 can be completely dissolved in water, and silicone defoamer will never be produced. This product has stable chemical properties, no toxic and side effects, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, no pollution, fast defoaming speed, long foaming time; This...