• XPJ 2050

    XPJ 2050

    Characteristic Rapid defoaming, long time of bubble suppression..In the whole decomposition tank, it has a very long antifoaming effect Product Application It can be used in decomposition tank and red mud washing tank in alumina production process. Product Parameters Appearance colorless to light yellow liquid Kinematic viscosity(mPa.s 25℃) ≤1000 Water solubility Dispersed in water. Density (20℃,g/cm3) 0.9-1.1 Application method The product can b...
  • XPJ620 Degreasing Liquid Defoamer

    XPJ620 Degreasing Liquid Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ620 is a defatting liquid defoamer developed for metal pretreatment cleaning industry. The advantage of XPJ620 is that it can eliminate the stubborn foam produced by a variety of surfactants. It can stabilize defoamer under strong alkali and high temperature. It can meet the defoaming needs in many cleaning processes. The main features of the product are: fast defoaming speed, long foaming inhibitory time, low consumption, no corrosion, no adverse side effects. The...
  • XPJ840 Powdery Acid-resistant Defoamer

    XPJ840 Powdery Acid-resistant Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ840 is a single chemical structure powdery defoamer developed by Saiouxinyue under the condition of acid resistance. The product is not a complex, does not contain organic silicon and insoluble silica. This solid defoaming powder has excellent defoaming and defoaming properties. It is recommended to be used in many acid foaming processes, such as mineral flotation, pHospHorus compound fertilizer production, rare earth flotation, molybdenum ore processing and many ...
  • XPJ955 Non-silicon Cleaning Defoamer

    XPJ955 Non-silicon Cleaning Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ955 is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, non-silicon defoamer which is not suitable for silicone defoaming process and is refined by various defoaming active substances through special process. This product is non-toxic, stable, acid and alkali resistance, low volatilization, no stratification; It has good solubility with many chemical systems and there is no floating pHenomenon of defoaming active substances. It has excellent foaming inhibition and defoaming eff...
  • XPJ958 Cyanide Gold Extraction Defoamer

    XPJ958 Cyanide Gold Extraction Defoamer

    Characteristic The product has stable chemical properties, no toxic side effects, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, no pollution, fast defoaming speed, long bubble suppression time. Product Application This product is a kind of high-efficiency defoaming agent, which is refined by special process with various defoaming active substances according to the foaming characteristics of cyanide gold extraction industry. It has remarkable defoaming effect on foaming cyanogen (gold an...