• XPJ201 Food Grade Pdms Defoamer In Food And Fermentation

    XPJ201 Food Grade Pdms Defoamer In Food And Fermentation

    Product Description In accordance with the national standard [gb30612-2014], this product is made of full-methylated linear siloxane polymers by hydrolysis of a mixture of dimethyldichlorosilane and a small amount of trimethylchlorosilane. Polydimethylsiloxane is non-toxic and tasteless, physiologically inert and has good chemical stability. It has good electrical insulation, weather resistance and hydrophobicity, and can be directly used in the fields of moisture proof, insulation, damp...
  • XPJ210 mineral flotation defoamer

    XPJ210 mineral flotation defoamer

    Product Description XPJ210 is an efficient defoaming and antifoaming product. The defoaming product has the characteristics of fast dispersion, fast defoaming, long foam suppression time and stable non-stratification. The product is especially suitable for defoaming in metal ore dressing industry. It has good heat resistance, stable chemical properties and can maintain good defoaming effect under high shear working environment, and can improve the quality of mineral extraction. This pro...
  • XPJ330 High Carbon Alcohol Emulsion Degassing Agent

    XPJ330 High Carbon Alcohol Emulsion Degassing Agent

    Product Introduction XPJ330 is a high carbon alcohol emulsion degassing agent which has been developed according to our patent technology. It can effectively remove the air in the fiber during the process of papermaking. It has the effect of removing air bubbles 80-90% and reduces 2-3% of the moisture in the inlet of the dryer. It works well at 30-45℃ ; It is advantageous to improve the technological conditions, increase the papermaking speed and improve the product quality. The utility...
  • XPJ130 Silicone Resin Defoamer for Pulping

    XPJ130 Silicone Resin Defoamer for Pulping

    Product Description XPJ130 is a high-efficient silicone defoamer designed for special pulping process foaming characteristics.XPJ130 is easily soluble in water and has a wide range of acid and alkali resistance, The product can not only quickly eliminate the foam caused by lignin and other surfactants, but also accelerate the dehydration process and improve the pulp washing effect, reduce the water consumption and the amount of bleaching chemicals, XPJ130 doesn’t produce silicon residue...
  • XPJ170 Power Plant Seawater Defoamer

    XPJ170 Power Plant Seawater Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ170 power plant seawater defoamer is specially designed for defoaming and antifoaming of DC seawater cooling system. When seawater cooling systems use oxidizing biocides to eliminate the effects of marine fouling, a large number of marine organisms were killed, and their organic debris produced a large amount of foam in the larger parts of the seawater stirring. These foams are extremely stable in the normal state, affecting the velocity of flow and forming polluti...
  • XPJ180 PVC Resin Defoamer

    XPJ180 PVC Resin Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ180 is a silicone defoamer designed for PVC production. It is the most economical defoamer for PVC production. This product has the characteristics of quick defoaming, low consumption, high temperature resistance, shear resistance, pressure resistance and so on. XPJ180 is the most effective product for high quality PVC industry because it breaks through the technical problem of bleaching and demulsifying easily after dilution of ordinary defoamer. The product is su...
  • XPJ260 Acid-resistant Silicone Defoamer

    XPJ260 Acid-resistant Silicone Defoamer

    Product Description This product is specially designed for defoaming process of acid system in chemical production process. It has outstanding acid resistance, less consumption, good defoaming performance, wide temperature range, and does not affect the properties of defoamer. It is widely used in desulfurization process, intermediate reaction of dyestuff manufacture, neutralization reaction, latex degassing and acid sewage treatment system. It is also used in flotation of various metall...
  • XPJ500 High Content Silicone Defoamer

    XPJ500 High Content Silicone Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ500 is a high-content, high-efficiency silicone defoamer agent designed for water-based systems. It is water-based emulsion, excellent stability and will not produce bleaching oil if diluted directly by water, so it is very simple to use. Product consumption is less and defoaming speed is faster. And also, the effect in antifoaming is more obvious. And in different application conditions (PH4-12), the agent can still play the role of antifoaming and defoaming. The ...
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