• XPJ100 Modification Silicone Ferment Defoamer

    XPJ100 Modification Silicone Ferment Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ100 is a new type of pure siloxane defoamer which was first developed by Saiouxinyue for the fermentation industry. It breaks through the shortcoming of short inhibition time of common dimethyl silicone oil defoamer. Because the product is non-toxic and harmless and is beneficial to the growth of bacteria, it is widely used in the process of enlargement of seed pot and disinfection of fermentation ingredients. It is also the first choice of defoamer in the process...
  • XPJ757 High Carbonyl Alcohol Fatty Acid Ester Complex

    XPJ757 High Carbonyl Alcohol Fatty Acid Ester Complex

    Product Description It, also known as DSA-5 Defoamer, is especially designed for soybean and other food processing industry. It is more valuable when many countries are strictly controlling silicon residues and prohibiting the use of polyether defoamer; The product has the unique advantages of not affecting the taste of the product and the defoaming is quick and long, and the efficiency of defoaming can reach to 96-98%. It is widely used in the food industries, such as soybean products, ...
  • XPJ900 Polyether GPE Defoamer

    XPJ900 Polyether GPE Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ900 is mainly designed for fermentation industry and has been improved many times based on user feedback. Now, it is a mature, cheap and competitive polyether defoamer. Due to the use of special demetallization and salt ion refining process, it has the advantages of lower pHysiological toxicity ,odorlessness than the same kind of products and 5-10% less than the common polyether. The defoaming agent we provide has high quality formula and advanced technology, its ...
  • DF103 Polyether Fermentation Defoamer

    DF103 Polyether Fermentation Defoamer

    Product Introduction On the basis of special fermentation needs of Amino acid,DF103 defoamer was concentrate on studies by our company as a new-style polyether fermentation defoamer. DF103 defoamer is qualified for long inhibiting foam performance in polyether fermentation defoamer field.DF103 has high security superiority to microbial strain through specific polymerization technics, Meanwhile, It has the benefit of saving the usage amount .DF103 defoamer is used in the process of microb...
  • XPJ600 Polymeric Emulsion Defoamer

    XPJ600 Polymeric Emulsion Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ600 is the latest scientific research achievement in fermentation industry of Saiouxinyue. It has obtained the patent authorization of national invention. It is a project of transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province. XPJ600 is a emulsion defoamer formed by block polymerization of propylene oxide under special technological conditions. The product overcomes the shortcomings of the common polyether defoamer, and can save 5-10% do...
  • XPJ680 Compound Fermentation Silicone Oil Defoamer

    XPJ680 Compound Fermentation Silicone Oil Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ680 is a new type of fermentation defoamer, high-tech product of Jiangsu Province, which aims at the foaming characteristics of fermentation industry and introduces and digests foreign advanced technology and raw materials. XPJ680 is a special high temperature silicone polyether, polysiloxane and food emulsifier refined under specific conditions. It overcomes the shortcomings of silicone defoamer such as poor heat resistance and short foam suppression time, and ca...
  • XPJ700 Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene Pentaerythritol Ether

    XPJ700 Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene Pentaerythritol Ether

    Product Introduction A new type of fermentation defoamer that is safe and competitive, designed for the relatively high process requirements of the fermentation industry. The product is refined and processed by vegetable oil-derived products, and has the characteristics of being toxicologically safer and not affecting the metabolism of microorganisms compared with the polyether-type defoamer, and thereby facilitating the conversion rate of the fermentation process and increasing economic...
  • XPJ760 Esterified Modified Polyether Defoamer

    XPJ760 Esterified Modified Polyether Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ760 is a new high-efficient fermentation defoamer, developed by Saiouxinyue aiming at the characteristics of foaming in fermentation industry. All aerobic fermentations need and use antifoams. Without them, fermentation processors could encounter massive amounts of foam as organic matter – such as sugars, starch, cellulose and proteins ,Therefore, antifoams are commonly used to control foam in fermentation applications This kind of foam control agnet is certified...
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